The Centre for Gender and Social Justice (formerly the Trent Women's Centre) is a community of Trent University students, Peterborough residents, and Trent faculty that are dedicated to facilitating a politics of resistance. You do not have to be a Trent student to organize or participate in Centre events. The Centre is interested in creating and reclaiming spaces within the Peterborough and Trent communities for those who have been marginalized, excluded, and underprivileged. This means we believe in actively fighting for, creating, and maintaining space where we can feel safe enough to express ourselves as individuals and communities.

The Centre’s office in Room 202 of Sadleir House provides a social space to meet, discuss, and organize with people from the Trent and the Peterborough communities who share a commitment to the Centre’s mandate. First and foremost, the Centre works to create a safer space for people who experience gendered oppression from a wide variety of backgrounds. The Centre is dedicated to being a safe space for all people, operating on an anti-oppressive mandate with an explicit commitment to confronting and challenging all forms of oppression.

The Centre advocates for its members to operate from an understanding of one’s identity and history as it relates to our social interactions and social justice work. This includes the affirmation of action and resistance based on cultural identity, including and not limited to indigenous action, black consciousness, and Palestinian solidarity movements, as well as a consciousness of one’s identity and history as oppressor and oppressed. The Centre engages in active agency to interrogate and dismantle white privilege and domination, colonization, patriarchy, cis-privilege (non-trans privilege), heterosexual dominance, classism, and able-bodied privilege among many other hierarchies and oppressions.

The Centre aims to inspire individuals and organizations to deconstruct and challenge their notions of gender, and takes as its responsibility the organization of creative and constructive challenges to sexism, transphobia, cis-privilege, and all other forms of oppression, in order to support of gender diversity. We believe that all kinds of oppression work together, so we do not prioritize gendered oppression above these other forms.

We are also interested in developing lasting and politically dedicated relationships with other organizations on campus and in the Peterborough and surrounding areas, in order to collectively be mindful of the ways political struggles are everyone’s responsibility. The Centre maintains its accountability to our members by being self-reflexive about our organizing principles and the ways we, as a Centre, might reproduce oppression. We also endeavour to engage new voices and diverse perspectives in our actions.