Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trent Queer Collective (TQC) open letter on Queerlines

Hello all,

We'd like to know what you thought about Queerlines.

As you may have seen there were a few letters in the Arthur this week speaking against some of the content, and some people have taken to chalking and postering campus about it as well. Some controversy is not unexpected (it happens every year), and the anonymity of is is understandable to avoid attacks, but that breaks down the opportunity for dialogue. �We (the TQC hub) would like to foster some dialogue, however, so that we can address what people liked or didn't, and perhaps make some changes for next year.

So, how did you feel about Queerlines this year? �Did you love it? �Did you hate it? �Did you even read it? �Do you feel at all unsafe because of the backlash? �Queerlines is meant to be representative of our queer student body, but of course being a submission-based supplement it will never really be able to represent everyone (unless everyone submits, but I don't think we'd have the budget to print that tome); do you feel Queerlines does a good job of representing a piece of the community? �If you didn't feel represented, did something stop you from submitting something yourself? �Do you have any thoughts on how we can work to represent a broader range of the community?

If you have an opinion, either critical or commending, we'd love to hear it. �Rest assured all responses will be kept anonymous unless permission to identify you in any capacity is explicitly given.

The TQC Hub

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