Thursday, August 26, 2010


the best thing is their facial expressions

Dis-O Update

Hlo Hlo!

Dis-O is going to be epic good. Here are some of the included things so far.

  • Alternative Campus Tours
  • Discussions on food security and access
  • Vegan meals
  • Self-Defense
  • Come As You Are ordering party
  • Mandolin Workshop
  • genderTalk
  • Silkscreening
  • Writing Workshop
  • Decolonizing Gender & Sexuality
  • talking about Racialized Space
  • a Community Fair
  • a Cabaret
  • a huge concert
  • and a partridge in a pear tree
Well. Not that last one. But it's pretty awesome. And that's running from the 23rd to the 24th of September. STAY TUNED.

In addition, I hear rumors of a dance party happening in support of the Student Co-op on Thursday, September 16th in the Sadleir House Dining Hall! Maybe just maybe there'll be a kick-ass dj.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dis-O Planning Under Way!

Hey guys! There's a Dis-O meeting today and I'm pretty excited. So far, from my own corner, I know that The Peterborough Poetry Slam is planning on hosting a Writing Group Workshop at some point, and The Centre is thinking of a number of options, including an ordering party from Come As You Are and a workshop on sex positivity. Maybe. We'll see. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Best idea ever. A couple of go-getters around town have set up a BRILLIANT festivus of Anarchist discussion, film screening, dancing and eating! Check out the calendar for basic details. Here's the sum of the parts:

At the end of June, the elite threw a party in Huntsville and moved it to Toronto. Both cities were militarized and occupied and in Toronto’s case, by 19,000 law enforcement. And who are the “bad guys”? Those pesky ‘anarchists’!

Demonized and vilified by the media, imprisoned by the State on conspiracy charges, hated-on and scapegoated by ‘allies’ on the Left, what better time to hold a week of events celebrating and explaining t...he ever-misunderstood Idea: anarchism.

Brought to you by...
OPIRG, Food Not Bombs Peterborough, Garden 579, Artspace, Have You Seen?, Throwing Away Crap Productions, We Live Here Too, Free Society, Luther Blissett, Ptbo House...
In free association with your friendly neighbourhood anarchists.

Sun, A-22
1:00 – Opening Potluck @ Armour Hill Pavillion

2:00 – @-curious? Workshop / Discussion @ Armour Hill Pavillion
A discussion of key concepts, ideas, etc...
Mon, A-23
5:30 – G20 Court Solidarity Action in Peterborough

6:30 – Food Not Bombs @ City Hall

8:00-10:00 – Film: “Enraged” @ Artspace
A film by Eyal Eithcowich about Anarchists Against the Wall, a direct action Palestinian solidarity group.
Tues, A-24
6:00 – Workshop / Discussion: Decolonizing Anarchism and Re-Rooting Anarcho-Indigenist Practice @ the Ossia
A workshop / discussion led by Karolyn.

7:00 – Film: “Afropunk” @ the Ossia
A film exploring race identity within the punk scene.

9:00 – Testament (London, ON), Gillian Turnham, Fraser @ the Ossia
Anarchist and spoken word / performance poetry.
Wed, A-25
6:00 – Community Potluck @ Garden 579

7:00 – Food Politics & Anarchism Discussion @ Artspace

8:00 - 10:00 Film: TBA @ Artspace
Thurs, A-26
9:00 – Inner Beauty Contest @ The Gordon Best Theatre
Pre-registration is required. Pre-register by calling 705-772-2665. Ask for Luther Blissett.
Fri, A-27
2:00 – 4:00 - Vegan Brunch / Workshop:
Development of Social Theory @ Ptbo House (852 George St. N.)
Workshop on Development of Social Theory (an investigation of @nswers)

6:00 – Critical Mass Bike Ride @ Congregate Across from City Hall

8:00 – Film: "The Potentiality of Storming Heaven" @ Artspace
In Dec 2008, the killing of a young anarchist (IN GREECE!! - left that out on the flyer) sparked an insurrection that left the nation burning for months into 2009. This film gives a brief look at this time.

8:45 – Discussion: Anarchism & Violence @ Artspace
A curious (and often spurious) association given it's the State that kills 24-7... What place does violence have in the struggle for social change and anarchism?
Sat, A-28
6:00 - 8:00 - Film: TBA @ Art Space

With Revolutionary Joy… We Dance and Destroy (Radical Dance Party)
9:00 - 11:00 – Indictable Mischief, Twisted Fister @ The Spill (Punk)

11:00 – DJ Go Go Ghoul @ The Spill (Dance / DJ)
Sun, A-29
1:00 - Closing Potluck

2:00 - Closing Discussion

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer's almost over...

...and things are motoring along. Right now, here's what the Centre's up to:
  • renovation! well... a paint job, anyway, and a couple new pieces of furniture. It's going to be GLORIOUS.
  • reworking the staff manuals. the last one was beautiful, but now a lot of the language is out of date, and since we've restructured the hierarchy (as in, trying to actively remove it and level out our governance), we have to work those new guidelines into the manual. 
  • finishing up the new policy. this is something people involved with the centre put a lot of work into the year before last. so we're just finishing it up, polishing it, and making sure its accessible for review.
  • looking forward to both ISW and Dis-O (with OPIRG and others) and all the new and returning students!
so yeah! keeping busy. IN ADDITION, you should all know (whoever looks at this from time to time) that we're hoping to hire for 6 whole positions starting in September! So keep your eyes peeled.
Cheerio for now!