Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Publicity and Media Coordinator

Purpose: To promote the Centre, its events and services through a variety of media including posters, press releases, email and web design. Coordinate various events, workshops, working groups, and publications addressing topics and issues related to anti-oppression and gender justice in the Peterborough and Trent communities.

Role and Responsibilities:
  1. design and distribute (with the help of volunteers, occasionally) promotional materials, including posters, press releases and other publicity materials for events and campaigns
  2. regularly update the Centre’s website and public google calendar, and maintain e-mail contact with other groups regarding upcoming events
  3. start and maintain a column on behalf of the Centre in the Arthur
  4. start and maintain a bi-weekly radio show on Trent Radio
  5. coordinate the publication of an annual self-representation publication in the Arthur and encourage the development of other publications, such as zines, with the help of volunteers
  6. organize and implement numerous smaller gender justice and arts-related events such as photoshoots, art exhibits, coffee houses, open mics, film screenings or art workshops
  7. general postering for awareness, art and education
  8. coordinate picture and/or video recordings of Centre and allied community events
  9. collaborate with staff and steering collective to run the Centre office; answering phone calls, returning phone messages, responding to and organizing e-mails, planning and facilitating meetings, keeping things tidy, etc.
  10. commit at least 6 hours a week to working in the office
  11. attend all staff meetings
Qualifications and Skills:
  1. must identify with the Centre’s mandate
  2. must be committed to anti-oppressive ideology and practices
  3. very strong written communication skills
  4. knowledge of web design and maintenance
  5. experience in designing and distributing publicity materials, as well as writing press releases, is an asset
  6. experience with written publications including editing and layout
  7. leadership; ability to motivate others in an encouraging and positive way
  8. experience working independently, including thinking creatively
  9. ability to work collaboratively
  10. knowledge of, and commitment to, principles of gender justice
  11. knowledge of the Trent and Peterborough communities
  12. strong interpersonal skills
  13. basic administrative skills, such as web literacy, filing, record-keeping, minute-keeping, etc.
  14. dependable and reliable

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