Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Education and Youth Outreach Coordinator

Purpose: To expand the function of the Centre to include educational and youth-directed programming and networking. To increase public visibility and awareness about gender and social justice issues, and research emerging issues in our communities.

Role and Responsibilities:
  1. implement a strategy to build connections with local youth
  2. outreach and networking with high schools and youth organizations
  3. work to make the Centre, and its resources and working groups accessible to youth
  4. perform a needs assessment for Peterborough’s youth regarding gender and social justice issues
  5. act as the Centre’s representative on local youth-oriented committees
  6. research how volunteering at the Centre could count towards Mandatory High School Community Service hours
  7. work with the Publicity and Media Coordinator to develop educational campaigns and innovative delivery strategies
  8. review and report on gender and social justice issues affecting our community and broader communities.
  9. collaborate with staff and steering collective to run the Centre office; answering phone calls, returning phone messages, responding to and organizing e-mails, planning and facilitating meetings, keeping things tidy, etc.
  10. commit at least 3 hours a week to working in the office
  11. attend all staff meetings
Qualifications and Skills:
  1. must identify with the Centre’s mandate
  2. must be committed to anti-oppressive ideology and practices
  3. very strong written and oral communication skills
  4. experience working with youth
  5. excellent interpersonal skills
  6. great organizational and time-management skills
  7. experience working independently, including thinking creatively
  8. ability to work collaboratively, maintaining transparency and good communication
  9. knowledge of, and commitment to, principles of gender justice
  10. knowledge of the Trent and Peterborough communities
  11. dependable and reliable

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