Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer's almost over...

...and things are motoring along. Right now, here's what the Centre's up to:
  • renovation! well... a paint job, anyway, and a couple new pieces of furniture. It's going to be GLORIOUS.
  • reworking the staff manuals. the last one was beautiful, but now a lot of the language is out of date, and since we've restructured the hierarchy (as in, trying to actively remove it and level out our governance), we have to work those new guidelines into the manual. 
  • finishing up the new policy. this is something people involved with the centre put a lot of work into the year before last. so we're just finishing it up, polishing it, and making sure its accessible for review.
  • looking forward to both ISW and Dis-O (with OPIRG and others) and all the new and returning students!
so yeah! keeping busy. IN ADDITION, you should all know (whoever looks at this from time to time) that we're hoping to hire for 6 whole positions starting in September! So keep your eyes peeled.
Cheerio for now!

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