Monday, September 7, 2009

Hiring fall 2009- Applications

The Centre is hiring for a remining two positions:


Job descriptions are posted in blog entries below, please use them as a guideline for applying.

To apply for either position, please submit a resume + answers to the application questions to the Centre's Hiring Committee. Applicants have the option to apply without submitting a resume, and to elaborate on question 3 of the application questions instead.

and can be submitted via e-mail at or in person at the Centre office [Suite 202, Sadleir]. Please include with your application an indication of your availability for interview.

Positions run from October to April and are approximately 10 hours a week (at least 6 of which are dedicated office hours) at above minimum wage. The Centre encourages applications from individuals from marginalized communities, including but not limited to queer and trans-identified folks, indigenous people, people of colour, immigrants, single mothers, people with disabilities, and members from other marginalized communities to apply. Regrettably, the Centre is not currently a physically accessible space. Preference will be given to people who experience gender oppression and other intersecting oppressions. The Fundaising and Finance Coordinator position is open to OWSP students and Trans Outreach and Accessibility Coordinator is open to community members, non-OWSP students, and out-of-province and international students. Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted.

Alternative + accessible application options can be arranged on request.


Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible, in any style or format:

1. what does gender justice mean to you?
2. how do you understand and experience oppression? how do you challenge oppression in your daily life?
3. what life experiences, skills, activism, work history, etc. do you have to bring to the position? (if you are not submitting a resume, please elaborate on your answer to this question)
4. the centre has been engaged in the process of shifting its structure and its space away from being a women’s only space to being a space for people who experience gender oppression. with this change, the centre takes as one of its priorities services and space for trans people. why is this important to you? what ideas do you have for being accountable in this repect?
5. the centre is developing a broader commitment to anti-racist activism, and working on confronting a history of institutionalized whiteness. how do you see yourself working towards this goal?
6. please give us an outline of some creative ideas that you have related to different aspects of the position(s) that you are applying for.
7. what are your criticisms of the Centre? what changes would you want to make in your role as staff?

If you feel like this application process is a barrier for you, please contact us before the deadline to make alternative arrangements.

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