Thursday, April 16, 2009


Purpose: To work to strengthen connections between the Centre and trans communities at Trent and in Peterborough by planning and implementing educational campaigns, and running events and workshops addressing transgender issues. To facilitate advocacy and awareness of issues of accessibility in the Trent and Peterborough communities and within the Centre as a service and space, including the advancement of trans access and activism.

Role and Responsibilities:
1. Sit on Peterborough’s Trans Events Committee and contribute to its functioning
2. Continue to play an integral role in the Centre’s process of becoming a gender justice collective, advance the Centre’s accountability to trans communities
3. Network with TransMission, TQC, the Sadleir House Accessibility Committee, the Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty (PCAP), the Decolonization and Anti-Racism Coalition (DARC), the TCSA’s Gender Issues Commissioner and Equity Commissioners and other groups and individuals working around issues of accessibility
4. Organize for Trans Day of Remembrance to occur in November of 2009
5. Compile resources and implement workshops and events on issues of accessibility
6. Run campaigns on gender justice, trans issues, and issues of access; public awareness and education
7. Coordinate trans health projects at Trent and in the Ptbo community, including: surveys, trans needs assessments, maintaining a directory of trans positive service providers and businesses
8. Coordinate surveys and needs assessments of spaces and services to evaluate and advocate for accessibility
9. Organizing creative ways to overcome or explore issues of accessibility and barriers to access
10. Facilitating workshops with experienced individuals or groups: trans healthcare providers training and trans sensitivity (trans 101) workshops for student and community groups
11. Represent the Centre on the Sadleir House Accessibility Committee
12. Outreach to youth and high schools
13. Commitment to accessibility: making the Centre, its space, events, publications, and services as accessible as possible
14. Work collaboratively with the other Coordinators and Steering Collective; collective responsibility for the Centre’s operations and accountability
15. Commit at least 6 hours a week to working in the Centre office
16. Responsibility to attend all core Centre meetings, and commitment to attend other Centre and community meetings relevant to the position

Qualifications and Skills:
1. Must be trans-identified and/or someone who faces barriers to access, or a strong ally with demonstrated knowledge of accessibility and trans issues
2. Must identify with the Centre’s mandate
3. Must be committed to anti-oppressive ideology and practices
4. Knowledge of Trent and Peterborough community organizations
5. Experience organizing and running events
6. Leadership experience
7. Experience working independently
8. Ability to work collaboratively with other staff and volunteers
9. Knowledge of, and commitment to gender justice and issues of accessibility, including trans issues
10. Knowledge of, and commitment to the Centre
11. Strong interpersonal skills
12. Organizational and time management skills
13. Basic administrative skills, including bookkeeping, filing, and basic web and computer skills
14. Dependable and reliable

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