Thursday, April 16, 2009


Purpose: Organize fundraising campaigns in support of the Centre and its events. Manage the Centre’s finances, including the budget, bills, and payroll. Support staff and Steering Collective in organizing campaigns, workshops, and events by assisting with booking and publicity.

Role and Responsibilities:
1. Collaborative management of all financial matters, including payroll, honorariums, funding requests, payments and bills, and payroll, with other staff and Steering Collective.
2. Collaboratively designing the Centre’s budget in September with staff and Steering Collective members. Managing the budget and keeping record of all financial transactions throughout the year using Microsoft Excel and bookkeeping and filing systems.
3. Designing and maintaining budgets and keeping track of the financials for larger events and conferences
4. Fundraise for the Centre and specific events through grant writing and funding requests
5. Plan and coordinate creative and innovative ways of fundraising for the Centre
6. Assisting in fundraising campaigns supported by the Centre
7. Grant writing for the Canada Summer Jobs Grant for the Centre’s summer position and any other grants that the Centre may access to improve its services
8. Supporting staff and the Steering Collective in organizing for events and campaigns
9. Outreach to youth and high schools
10. Commitment to accessibility: making the Centre, its space, events, publications, and services as accessible as possible
11. Work collaboratively with the other Coordinators and Steering Collective; collective responsibility for the Centre’s operations and accountability
12. Commit at least 6 hours a week to working in the Centre office
13. Responsibility to attend all core Centre meetings, and commitment to attend other Centre and community meetings relevant to the position

Qualifications and Skills:
1. Must be OWSP eligible
2. Must identify with the Centre’s mandate
3. Must be committed to anti-oppressive ideology and practices
4. Experience organizing small and large events
5. An interest and experience in the arts
6. Experience coordinating or facilitating workshops
7. Leadership experience
8. Experience working independently
9. Ability to work collaboratively with other staff and volunteers
10. Knowledge of, and commitment to feminist principles
11. Knowledge of, and commitment to the Centre
12. Knowledge of the Trent and Peterborough communities
13. Strong interpersonal skills
14. Experience in budgeting and managing finances, knowledge of Microsoft Excel
15. Organizational and time management skills
16. Dependable and reliable

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